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Residential and Commercial Basement Renovation in Ottawa

Whether you are building your basement from scratch or renovating your existing basement, we make sure that we create your vision, stay on budget and overall fulfill your expectations within a reasonable time frame. Basements have always been those dark, empty rooms we’d rather not go anywhere near, mostly just used to store away old boxes and things we’re just not ready to let go of. However, if you’re looking for ways to make the space more usable without committing to a costly home addition, a basement renovation is exactly what you need!

To create more enjoyable living spaces,  homes should entail fully furnished basements that serve several purposes. We help you map out a well-planned basement renovation that is of utmost quality, makes full use of the space provided, and most importantly, stay on budget. From planning and designing to execution, we’ve got you covered. Our excellent workmanship, eye for detail, and use of high-quality material ensure that your basement is transformed into an enjoyable living space.

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Akkaya Construction‘s basement renovation services include:
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Akkaya Construction's basement renovation services in Ottawa


Renovating your basement ceiling allows selected light fixtures to stand out more and brings a nicer finish to the basement overall. Installing more features such as home audio or plumbing is easier to install, therefore costing you less and creating new possibilities within a living space that you won’t need to change for a long time. 


Walls and Cabinets

Adding custom accents within your basement is a possibility as well, doing so creates a nicer finish for the basement overall. Cabinets for kitchens, bars, extra compartments around the basement allow you to not only have a nicer finish with an increased value on your home but also create a whole new atmosphere that many loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

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